Infrastructure Services

The Managed Storage Area Network (Managed SAN) Service is a fully managed primary data storage service with a dedicated storage platform.

It delivers a high available and high performance scalable storage infrastructure capable of supporting heterogeneous server environments. This service is ideal for organizations that do not have, or have elected not to invest in the extensive resources necessary to manage a storage infrastructure in-house.

The Managed Storage Service components consist of:

  • Design, installation, test and turn up of an advanced Storage Area Network platform
  • Hardware and software components needed to deliver the capability
  • Environment management and monitoring to support round-the-clock Proactive Monitoring and Management of the SAN infrastructure
  • Failover/load balancing software required for the Dual/Redundant Connectivity
  • Dual fiber channel connectivity to the SAN infrastructure
  • Storage assignment configured based upon customers’ needs

Data Storage Services Platforms Salesforce Consultant

  • Storage Area Network (SAN) provides high-availability, Fiber Channel connectivity and RAID-protected primary data storage in a shared or dedicated configuration.
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) provides shared hard disk storage, including multi-disk RAID systems and software for configuring and mapping file locations to customer servers.

Managed SAN and NAS Data Storage Benefits

  • Our investment in high-end critical infrastructure fully delivers on enterprise-level storage management, scalability and improved data access.
  • Our in-house expertise can help you fully realize infrastructure simplification, information lifecycle management and business continuity.
  • Our business-responsive storage design allows us to modify the performance characteristics of your storage environment on the fly—no down time.

Compliance Archiving

If you’re like most companies, electronic messaging has become more than just a communication medium. These business-critical tools serve as rich knowledge repositories filled with facts, opinions, judgments, brand reinforcements, customer relationship indicators, forecasts and reports. Yet, for all its advantages, the growing volume and dependence on electronic messaging can create significant management challenges for your business. Lengthening data retention requirements coupled with increasing usage are pushing storage volumes to an all-time high. Not only do you have to store this critical data, you must also find a way to rapidly and cost-effectively retrieve these files to meet corporate, industry and potential legal requirements and the issue extends beyond e-mail to file systems, where unstructured content such as processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations are stored. To maintain compliance, you need to know what electronic information exists, where and how long it must be stored, and how to access it when needed. Both the legal and financial consequences of not being prepared can be devastating to your business.

Compliance Archiving Solutions from Standav can help you address the myriad of compliance issues that surround electronic content. By implementing a standav-designed solution, you can expect to:

  • Recover files more quickly and efficiently.
  • Help ensure compliance requirements are met.
  • Reduce e-discovery costs.
  • Improve performance of existing e-mail and file-server systems.
  • Reduce storage and management costs.
  • Reduce file system backup length and expense

Our solution features include:

  • Physical Security — and safeguards governing data protection and data center controls
  • Change Management — Frameworks for guiding software development releases, operations and change control
  • Network Security & Availability — System architecture, redundancy, access and security
  • Archive & Compliance Reviewer — Inbound message processing, secure storage, data center replication and end-user access
  • Data Import, Extraction & Destruction — Policies, procedures and methodologies for securely handling customer data
  • Security Policies & Standards — Policies & standards governing privacy and confidentiality
  • Personnel Policies & Procedures — Employee life-cycle management