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Identify key accounts to improve revenue prospects

For enterprises across the spectrum, a key metric in the customer acquisition & retention journey is Customer Lifetime Value. The inability to identify key accounts and the gap between the cost of customer acquisition and business generated creates bottlenecks in optimizing customer attrition, stagnates renewals and delays account expansion. The Customer Lifetime Value Estimation accelerator from Standav equips sales & marketing teams with the ability to identify key accounts and customers, helping them channelize their efforts on customers with greater potential for business.

Optimized cost of customer acquisition

Standav’s Customer Lifetime Value Estimation accelerator is powered by an AI based Customer Lifetime Value scoring mechanism, leveraging relevant data from different systems. In addition to providing early alerts on renewals that can enable account expansion, this accelerator also offers customized action recommendations. For the enterprise, the benefits are – optimized cost of customer acquisition, increased revenue from renewals, and the ability to devise data-driven customer retention and account expansion strategies.

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