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Accelerate go-to-market for Sales Teams

The absence of a central repository that has all system related information and the inability to test new features in real-world scenarios prolongs development time, delays the introduction of major changes to existing Quote-to-Cash (QTC) system, and slows down the capacity to adapt to market trends. Standav’s Time-to-Market Rapidity accelerator reduces the time required for envisioning and introducing QTC features in CRM systems for sales teams. This enables Sales Ops teams to effectively device and deploy new sales strategies, identify the latest customer trends, and align sales plans accordingly.

Centralized Repository to build and test Quote-to-Cash functionalities

Standav’s Time-to-Market Rapidity accelerator provides a centralized repository with functionalities to test new bundles within the existing CPQ system, and capabilities to perform visual analysis, test output from constraint rules and other pricing logic, simulate different alternatives early in the system lifecycle, automate key processes, and make data comparisons. In addition to reducing complexity while introducing new features and ensuring seamless change management during upgrades, the Time-to-Market Rapidity accelerator optimizes the build & test phases of the implementation lifecycle, savings resource time, reduces manual errors, and accelerates time-to-market.

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