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Bridging the gap between Sales Team & Partners with Salesforce Communities

Bridging the gap between Sales Team & Partners with Salesforce Communities

Is there a disparity of information between your Sales team & partners? Your exporter may have crucial information that he would like to share with you. Sales teams are always on a constant lookout to receive and share invaluable information pertaining to your business. Do you have the right tool to listen to them?

A solution that allows external partners to self-service their quoting & pricing requirements themselves, and at the same time provide visibility to the in-house sales teams. Salesforce Community Cloud would undoubtedly take the spotlight here.


Common challenges while Bridging the Gap

As pricing truly can make or break businesses. Sales teams face numerous challenges in driving a uniform pricing strategy across the entire value chain. To illustrate a few examples:

  • Sales teams to drive a uniform quoting & pricing strategy across the entire value chain comes with myriad of complications that must be addressed.
  • Absence of insights into missed opportunities & market demands at a granular level.
  • Unstructured discounting practices, which doesn’t take past transactions data & customer lifecycle value into consideration.
  • Lack of visibility into off-invoice/indirect costs – rebates, freight, services etc, during the time of quoting.
  • Inability to segment between Key Value Items & Long-Tail Items in the entire product assortment.


Advantages: Salesforce Community Cloud Silver Lining

Community Cloud solution enables partners to be self-reliant for their quoting and pricing requirements; while at the same time providing the in-house sales team with an insight into their partners’ activities. And that not all it does.

  • Organization-wide quoting & pricing strategy: You could devise a pan-organization pricing & quoting strategy which could be modified in accordance with customers’ requirements.
  • Partner empowerment: You could empower your partners to make their own decisions by providing pricing books & product catalogs, quote-creation tools, guidance on optimal discounts, etc.
  • Improving partner relationship: This solution helps you to identify and incentivize the top performers, provide real-time support and guidance to your partners and do a lot more.
  • Data-driven sales strategies: Data generated in partner instances could be leveraged to assist sales teams for devising data-driven sales strategies.

Here at Standav we will help you seamlessly integrate Salesforce community cloud on to your infrastructure to satiate your enterprises need. Feel free to call us to know more. Having partnerships with Salesforce, Apttus and Price f(x) we possess proven expertise in implementing solutions that enterprises can be proud.