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Sync windows folder with AWS S3 bucket

Sync windows folder with AWS S3 bucket

Content in the local windows folders can be synchronized with the AWS S3 buckets. This feature in AWS is helpful to ensure the files on the local computer are identical to those in  Cloud storage (AWS S3) .  The synchronization steps are discussed here to familiarize and be reference guidelines for configuration of the AWS S3.

Steps for synchronization

  1. AWS account administrator tasks
  • Create one IAM user with S3 permissions (only) and generate the security credentials (Access key and Secrete Key)
  • Create one bucket in your nearest region and share the bucket & region information
  1. Install AWS CLI in Windows server:
  3. Follow the guidelines given “To install the AWS CLI using the MSI installer”
  4. Configure the AWS CLI tool:
  5. Once CLI configuration is done, prepare bat file with AWS S3 sync up command.

        Sample bat file (test.bat):

cd C:\Program Files\Amazon\AWSCLI\ 
      aws s3 sync C:\Users\hari\Desktop\windows-s3\folder-name s3://bucket- name /folder-name 

7. This user has permission to place the files into remote folder -S3 (data once synced, cannot be deleted )
8. Schedule this bat file in Task scheduler to run as per schedule – please refer:
9. On payment of additional charges the following facilities can be availed
o Enable cross region replication for the bucket with versioning
o Event notifications for delete/create object operations on the bucket
10. We can sync as many folders we like using bat file for each folder in the local windows system.

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