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Analytics for determining Acuity

Analytics for determining Acuity

Client Details

Client is a group of Doctors, Engineers and Scientists who wanted to embrace technology to diagnose and treat eye conditions

Challenges Addressed

  • Currently eye conditions are treated in a typical office setting with expensive hardware infrastructure and associated software
  • Client wanted to make this process closer to the user by embracing technology and make vision testing a much easier and effective process

Highlights of Engagement

  • Provided a Big Data based solution by analyzing the data related to Visual Acuity / Contrast / Color from user devices and storing the data in a specific format in Cassandra database
  • Further Transformations and filters are applied on the data to generate Dashboards that show Acuity and Contrast over a time series and other graphs based on filters.

Benefits to Client

  • As data is depicted over a time series it becomes very easy to know the eye condition over a period of time which otherwise needs analysis over several reports.
  • With the help of collected data several other reports are possible filtered by Age, Gender, Type of Device, Type of Application etc.