Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Client Details

Customer is a huge IT Park handling logistics of thousands of vehicles

Challenges Addressed

  • During the peak business hours of the IT park there is a tremendous challenge to have each vehicle verified before entry apart from the RFID Tag.
  • Customer was looking at an Automatic solution that will scan vehicle number plates as they come in and go out and authenticate the barrier.

Solution Provided

  • Implemented License plate number recognition , used Tensorflow in Python on top of IBM Power AI Stack
  • Used training data from MNIST database
  • The Neural network is training using MNIST data in 30,000 iterations on IBM Power AI server
  • The recognition accuracy of the Model is 95%

Benefits to Client

  • Implementing the automated system helped the IT Park in reducing the process of noting down the vehicle numbers while entering and exiting
  • Solved the possible security threat of un-authorized vehicles entering the premises
  • Creates a repository of vehicle log data which helps in necessary reports and analytics.



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