Build Operate Transfer Implementation

Build Operate Transfer Implementation

Client Details

MuleSoft, Inc. is a advanced technology provider that specialising in integration solutions for connecting applications, data and devices. Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform of integration products is designed to integrate software as a service (SaaS), on-premises software, legacy systems, and more.

Challenges Addressed 
The customer wanted to develop a breakthrough product in India, with a short time-to-market using the deep technical talent available in India. However, it didn’t yet have any presence in India and at the same time didn’t want to dilute focus by spending energy on establishing, building and operating the India Centre.

Standav Solution/Service Offering

Standav was uniquely positioned to help MuleSoft overcome it’s pain point primarily through the Standav Build-Operate-Transfer engagement model.

Highlights of engagement

  1. Mulesoft engaged Standav with a simple MSA agreement which kick started the process of helping MuleSoft have its cherry-picked A-Team of developers in India start working on their breakthrough product.
  2. Build Phase:As part of the Build phase, the following were achieved in about 4 – 8 weeks.
    • An international class 50-seater facility with the necessary hardware, software, network, communication and security infrastructure in about 6 weeks
    • A team of 35 talented developers (with professional background checks and NDAs in place) in about 8 weeks
    • knowledge transfer, operating, customer’s corporate identity and cultural guidelines in about of 4 weeks
  3. Operate Phase:
    • The Operate phase had a duration of 18 months.
    • The entire HR, Payroll and other allied support ops were smoothly handled by Standav’s own departments.
    • The product reached an advanced stage of development with few pilot customers in place.
  4. Transfer Phase:
    • The Transfer phase lasted for 4 weeks
    • About 90% of the development team got smoothly transferred to MuleSoft/Salesforce with few opting for other professional choices.
    • Relevant Infrastructure elements were smoothly transferred/handed over to the customer.
    • The customer took control of the intellectual property