Data as a Service

Data as a Service

Client Details

Client is a Large Utility Company in Midwest that supplies Electricity, Gas, water, Steam and Manages Sewer for residents and large Enterprise customers

Challenges Addressed

  • Lot of gaps in Data Quality, Data Governance, Data Storage along with ability to provide Self-service Analytics and Dashboards
  • Not able to respond quickly to regulatory compliances due to lack of Enterprise reports
  • Lack of Infrastructure to handle historical data of more than 10 years and existing DW Infrastructure was not scalable

Highlights of Engagement

  • Identify and Validate various Data sources that are critical for various LOBs
  • Rectify Data redundancy by putting together a DataHub (Common Data Exchange platform)
  • Brought Hadoop solution to solve scalability and Infra issues
  • Provided Self service Analytics and Reports

Benefits to client

  • Report generation Automation with data refreshed on a nightly basis
  • Business users were able to have access to Self service Analytics and Dashboards

Regulatory and Compliance reporting without IT Intervention.



6 April 2020 | 11:00 AM PST

Join the Standav Team & Frank Sohn from Novus CPQ, with Special Guests from Bayer, Box, Extreme Networks, Miro, Mobileiron, and Ross Video as we discuss CPQ, Billing, and Pricing Solutions for the Enterprise.

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