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Migration and Digitization of Legacy Docs

Migration and Digitization of Legacy Docs

Business Challenge 

  • The customer has 14,000 + legacy documents making it difficult to read and report on agreed upon terms
  • Contract admins had to spend hours to identify specific clauses
  • The business moved to a new form of reporting on contracts where metrics were missing from legacy contracts

Solution Provided

  • Implemented Contract Classification utility to classify the documents and segregate into different categories like MSA, SOW, SA, and NDA, etc..
  • Executed OCR tool to convert PDF image format documents into Searchable PDF documents
  • Used, Smart Contract Analytics tool to further process the pdf and extract new Metadata as needed for newly defined KPIs.

Benefits to client

  • Saved time in document classification and further helped in making the image pdf into a searchable pdf
  • Able to extract a lot of important Metadata with 80% accuracy
  • Generated and stored key clauses into CLM Repository for improved reportability and audit needs

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