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Reimagining the future through analytics

Our Big Data Analytics practice enables enterprises to effectively aggregate, integrate and validate data, to unlock actionable business insights, to help make smarter decisions and ensure better outcomes and growth. Our expertise in the realm of Big Data Analytics translates into specialized offerings to address the Business Consulting, Solution Implementation, and Data Science Application needs of enterprises.

Harnessing data to derive insights and drive growth

Amidst the deluge of data being generated by today’s digital world, enterprises must contend with both volume and variety – in terms of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data (also referred to as Big Data). Extracting meaningful insights from data is increasingly becoming challenging and with traditional business intelligence systems not measuring up, it’s imperative to deploy Big Data Analytics – to stay relevant and competitive.

Big Data Consulting services from Standav enables enterprises to effectively aggregate, Integrate and validate data to uncover actionable insights in real time. Backed by a track record of implementing landmark projects, our Big Data Consulting offering leverages extensive expertise, proven methodologies, cutting edge tools and best practices. From devising the appropriate strategy to suggesting the right technologies, and from developing proof of concept to solution implementation & management, our Big Data Consulting practice offers end-to-end capabilities to empower your enterprise with mission critical insights, to drive growth.


Data as a Service

Client is a Large Utility Company in Midwest that supplies Electricity, Gas, water, Steam and Manages Sewer for residents and large Enterprise customers.

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Transforming data into information, insight and finally action

With the volume, variety and velocity of big data reaching unprecedented levels, it’s important for enterprises to make sense of the information that matters, and to understand the possibilities of putting this information to use. Data Visualization as an integral part of your data analytics must enable users to instantly spot trends, track goal achievement, easily identify outliers and compare the performance of different categories, products, brands, and services.

At Standav, our approach to data visualization goes far beyond the conventional enterprise reporting model of overloaded reports and complex dashboards. Our advanced data visualization solutions help identify areas that need attention or improvement, provide clarity on factors that influence customer behavior, and help you make informed decisions such as product placement and predict sales volumes. We can evaluate your existing data visualization solution, suggesting best practices and possible improvements, or develop a customized data visualization solution for your business, from scratch. Using innovative tools and approaches such as information dashboards, mobile business intelligence, self-service capabilities, data discovery and interactive data visualization, our scalable data visualization services are based on proven data modeling & mapping techniques.


Digital Marketing

Client is a financial services giant headquartered in New York. Identify users who are likely to make a purchase in the future by modeling online user behavior, Email campaigns, Website visits, Form submissions & Referral traffic.

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Insights from IoT as strategic assets for your business

As the next frontier for business, the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a new, quantifiable and measurable world, enabling enterprises to manage their assets in better-informed ways and make timely and insight-based decisions. From helping retailers experiment with the IoT to offer new services, reshape the customer experience and explore new markets to reimagining possibilities for the manufacturing sector with the Industrial Internet of Things, and from the digitization of everything and liquid consumer expectations to connected commerce – at Standav, our analytics practice is helping enterprises ride the IoT wave to transform their business and spur growth.

We establish data supply chains to swiftly and effectively mobilize data, develop scalable and robust analytical platforms to aggregate capabilities around sensor-driven computing, industrial analytics and intelligent machine applications, and employ rule-based automation leveraging IOT data, machine learning and cognitive computing. Our IoT & Stream Analytics solution helps enterprises improve internal operations, offer enhanced customer experiences and deliver real-time network intelligence.


IoT Edge Intelligence Analytics Platform

Client is a leading player in the rapidly emerging domain of Edge Intelligence providing software for Industrial and commercial IoT application solutions.

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