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The swift and smart way to set shop in India

The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) engagement model enables Standav to offer end-to-end services to ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and Non-IT Enterprises who intend to start their Development & IT operations in India. Our BOT services cater to everything – recruit the right talent, manage full-fledged operations, provide the appropriate organizational framework, and ensure full regulatory compliance – within a short span of time.

A plug & play model to start your India center

The proven and successful BOT model from Standav provides a quick and low-risk offshoring alternative which substantially enhances the enterprise value. We are uniquely positioned to offer this service in a seamless manner, backed by our years of experience in managing a global organization, with successful business units spanning IT Development Services and Staffing Services, across various locations, worldwide. Our BOT engagement model is powered by the knowledge and experience gained from both these lines of businesses.

Apart from being a quick & low-risk entry into India with no upfront investment, and the advantage of enhanced enterprise value compared to third-party outsourcing, the BOT model offers many additional benefits. These include ready-to-use world class facilities and hardware, software, network & communication infrastructure, Standav’s robust staffing engine to access talent, assured intellectual property protection, information & network security, and flexible terms of engagement.


Build Operate Transfer Implementation

The customer wanted to develop a breakthrough product in India, with a short time-to-market using the deep technical talent available in India. However, it didn’t yet have any presence in India and at the same time didn’t want to dilute focus by spending energy on establishing, building and operating the India Centre.

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