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Get more value from your QTC vendor

From product/service selection, to pricing, quoting, contracting, invoicing, payment checking, and contract renewal, the Quote-to-Cash (QTC) process is a critical component of every enterprise. In a market teeming with a plethora of QTC vendors, it’s important to zero in on the right partner who can accelerate and deliver effective outcomes for your strategic plans. At Standav, our extensive experience in QTC consulting for a broad spectrum of clients have time and again reiterated the fact that the success of the QTC process has a lot to do with the platform selected.

The Standav approach to QTC begins right at the beginning – by working with you to identify what is required, involving a mix of business & IT stakeholders from the sales, finance, product management, pricing teams, operations and marketing functions. We start by understanding your current and future landscape to assess your desired capability maturity, factor in existing pain points, and paint a clear picture of how the QTC strategy fits into your overall business objectives.

Identifying these goals and value drivers is crucial since an effective QTC strategy is not just about enabling a tool or system transformation, it’s about transforming the process. At Standav every QTC platform selection is driven by defining evaluation criteria to ensure a successful process. These include end-to-end consulting services spanning configuration capabilities, pricing capabilities, user collaboration, user experience, scalability and technology used for the process. Our approach to platform selection involves analyzing key parameters – Route-to-Market, Configuration & Pricing Capacity, User Experience & Collaboration.

Thinking Transformation?