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Transforming business outcomes through technology

At Standav, our approach to technology consulting is holistic. As partners in your transformational journey, our engagement spans the entire spectrum – from identifying value drivers and chalking out a pragmatic roadmap, to operation and innovation – leveraging the latest technology and implementation expertise. So, whether you are looking to create a new vision or chalk out a road map or pick the right resources to execute your plan, Standav is well equipped to partner with you, by providing strategic consulting on the appropriate technology mix, to transform your business.

End-to-end mobility solutions to drive business growth

The dynamics of today’s business environments, the proliferation of devices, and advances in wireless technology has made the adoption of mobility, a necessity for enterprises, to remain relevant and competitive. At Standav, our experience of successfully implementing large-scale projects employing mobile, web, embedded and cloud technologies, enables us to provide a comprehensive service suite to address the requirements of varied application landscapes, in turn helping enterprises benefit from an integrated and streamlined technology ecosystem.

We help enterprises in developing a future-ready strategy and roadmap to make the most of their mobility investments, empowering their on-the-go workforce and customers, while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing return on investment (ROI). Leveraging the best of agile development strategies, app development services and cutting-edge technology platforms, our enterprise mobility services ensure exceptional user experience and propel growth across consumer-facing and corporate environments, and power innovation to open new revenue streams.

Enabling data-driven, experience-based decisions to power eCommerce success

At Standav, we leverage our extensive technology expertise and multi-market experience to offer custom eCommerce store development services along with eCommerce development solutions, in addition to an extensive list of offerings such as extensions development, theme customization and maintenance services. We also provide specific solutions for eCommerce sites, migration to Magento, and other customization services, building on the strengths of the Magento platform in sync with current market trends, to address current and future eCommerce requirements.

The core focus of our eCommerce Advisory services is to help enterprises align business needs and technology requirements with market opportunities and operational realities. Every offering from Standav is fine tuned to enhance your brand’s ability to deliver a unique and seamless purchasing experience to your customers, regardless of the platform. From deploying an omnichannel strategy to optimizing shipping costs and developing new sales channels, our highly scalable and versatile solutions will ensure that you are on track to ensure that your eCommerce operations are cost effective and secure, even as you expand reach and enhance revenues.

Transform the way the world transacts

From emerging as a new trading platform to disrupting the way organizations do business, Blockchain is scripting change at a rapid pace. In addition to the obvious benefit of being able to transact and exchange value, Blockchain technology has the potential to positively impact diverse business facets including Supply Chain Traceability, Transactions Auditability, and Smart Contract Management. In addition to revolutionizing the future of finance, blockchain technology is also transforming the government, transport, healthcare, real estate, and insurance sectors.

At Standav, we combine our experience across diverse industries with proven expertise in agile development process and building various decentralized cryptocurrency applications like Wallets, Trade/Exchange Platforms, and Smart Contracts, to offer customized Blockchain Development Solutions. Our comprehensive suite of blockchain development services include Identify & Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, Support, and Upgrade.

Explore a world of possibilities in the Cloud

At Standav, we draw upon our extensive expertise in the realm of cloud related technology implementations to help define your cloud roadmap, plan and execute your migration to the cloud, and partner with you to leverage the benefits of cloud-based solutions. Our Cloud Migration services enable to move enterprise infrastructure, applications and business processes to the cloud, freeing up infrastructure and bridging the gap between business demand and IT capacity. In addition to identifying risks and avenues to improve the performance and availability of critical business functions, our solutions help mitigate risk, maximize performance and ensure robust and reliable processes to drive business growth.

With a track record of having successfully implemented numerous cloud migrations to, from and within public, private and hybrid cloud environments, Cloud Services from Standav ensure a faster, hassle-free, and cost-effective transition with zero disruption to business. We offer a wide range of services such as infrastructure migration, data migration, platform migration, and application migration to help you reduce costs, automate and maximize the advantages of your data, while increasing availability with third-party tools and pre-defined templates designed for specific workloads.

Using Quality Assurance as a key transformation driver

Globalization, technology advancements and stringent regulatory environments are just a few of the many factors that require enterprises and their IT processes to embark on the transformation journey. To keep pace with this transformation, enterprises must ensure faster and improved delivery of software and services to retain the competitive edge. From advisory services spanning architecture, design & implementation, to managed test services that ensure high quality, low cost & faster quality assurance, and implementation of testing best practices across Agile, DevOps and automation – we offer a comprehensive range of quality assurance services.

In addition to our in-house expertise, we also partner with leading QA service providers to offer QA process assessments & consulting, managed centers for QA, test program management, test automation, functional testing, performance testing, integration testing, mobile testing, security testing, data testing, and specialized audits. At Standav, we work closely with you to review processes, increase efficiency, improve solution quality and reduce time-to-market, to enable reliable and secure applications that deliver superior customer experience.

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